Listing Products

Products Tab – each product shows options when hovering over it.

‘Quick Edit’ drops down some options that exclude image and description.

‘Edit a Product’ Page
Title (auto generates a ‘permalink’ url underneath that can be changed to improve search)

Product description displays on the product page.

Product categories on the right are very important for site navigation. The default category is ‘All’.

Product data should be set to “Simple Product” with the price.

There is no shipping system so it shouldn’t charge for shipping.

‘Featured Image’ is the main display image. Clicking it will take you to the media folder where it’s located. If a single product has more than one image the ‘gallery images’ feature can then be used.

Product short description displays in a page listing.

In order for the product images to show up consistently on the homepage, they need to be a consistent dimension. Perfect squares are recommended.

The product categories will not show unless they are both set to visible and have products assigned to them.

To make a category visible on the home page, it has to be selected from the theme settings in the tab ‘FlowVin Theme’> FlowVin settings > Section > Flower

Descriptions can be added to the category pages through the category tab in ‘Products’ > Categories

If you are logged into wordpress, you will notice a black bar on the top of the front-end of the website. Products and pages can be edited from a button in that top bar (except for homepage).

More information for adding and manging products can be found

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